JMoF Executive Committee is currently engaged in the following activities in order to realize our 3 missions: to develop the kemono (furry) culture, to provide a platform for communication between Japan and overseas, and to create a link between the kemono culture and the outside of the fandom.

Japan Meeting of Furries (JMoF)

JMoF is a kemono-focused fan convention (an event where various kinds of projects are held at the same time for several days). It is a place where people in Japan and all over the world who are interested in or enthusiastic about kemono can meet and interact with each other. The first event held in Hikone, Shiga prefecture, and the second and subsequent events have been held in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture. We expect that various cultures will mix and blend through all kinds of activities, such as art, fursuits, music, dramas, performance, and literature, and then that new encounters and joy will spread around. We also contribute to the local communities through charities and tie-ups with local companies, as well as providing opportunities to interact with the locals.

Next Event

  • JMoF 2022 - The Seven Samurai: January 6th (Thu.) - January 9th (Sun.), 2022 Loisir Hotel Toyohashi (Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture)

Note: JMoF 2021 has been canceled due to the social situation with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


VR JMoF is an online convention held in a place known as VR (Virtual Reality). Since it was held as an event in JMoF 2020 for the first time, it has been going on VRChat. On a new platform for creation and communication, it aims to contribute to the development of 3DCG/ICT and related fields by providing opportunities for cultural interaction on kemono.

Next Event

  • VR JMoF 2021: January 7th (Thu.) - January 10th (Sun.), 2021 (subject to change) VRChat

JMoF Channel

JMoF Channel is a “laid-back media” where JMoF staff puts things on our blog and YouTube channel. We’re going to publish columns to our blog that tell you kemono things, to run a bit of event on social media, and so on (None of them contains essential info to attend JMoF conventions!). Hope you enjoy these slightly serious and mostly unserious contents.