Dealer’s Room

The Dealer’s Room is the place for all furry/animal creators and fans. Dealers can display and sell all original furry/animal-themed creations such as art, books, goods, accessories, and fursuits. Admission is free for JMoF attendees, so come and join us and have a great time!

Booth Arrangement Guide

Booth Arrangement Guide

Dealer Information




We’ll be selling bandanas and T-shirts with furry motifs, and harnesses/gear for fursuits.




Selling fursuit heads, and character goods (T-shirts, badges, etc.)


MagicalShop PANDRA

Hineri Komugino

Items relating to fursuits, etc.


Hikage Works

Hibikine Kage

Selling 3D-printed headshells.




: Fursuits, Sale of original goods :
- Half suits (head, paws, tails)
- Acrylic goods (keychains, standees, etc.)
- Illustrations (illustration, postcard, stickers, etc.)
- Other original goods


Flash factory Power


We’ll be selling kemono fursuit partials and fulls, and other various gears. We’ve recently been trying to sell small goods/accessories as well so please feel free to stop by, thank you!




We’re a group that creates 2D and 3D avatars. We’ll have pamphlets and goods/illustrations on display.


Atelier Amanojaku Inc.


We’ll be selling goods and distributing pamphlets.




Glasritzen (glasses made by scratching), miscellaneous goods, books, plushies, etc.


The hideaway of dragon


We plan to sell “Kigukemo playing cards”, featuring over 50 illustrations of fursuits.



Yukishi Yukishiro

Chubby male kemono illustration books


sokomono suisou

Nato Takatsuki

Illustration books, goods (T-shirts, plastic file folders, etc.), commissions




Fursuit introduction catalog “Moflog”
We’re aiming to have a space where fursuiters can come to have fun and enjoy, with other character goods and illustration as well!




Business card styled kemono collective card game and its illustrations




We’ll sell wrist warmers, tools related to photography, and costume clothing.




Goods using animal motifs (small articles, accessories, masks, 3D-modeled objects, etc.) made from all kinds of material, from wood, acrylic, leather, nuts, original powder, etc.
We’d be happy if you stopped by and touched our items by hand to get a feel for them yourself.




Genre: Kemono, Dragons, Fursuits
Goods: Thinking about selling acrylic keychains, illustration, kemono-themed clocks, etc.




We will distribute products related to fursuit characters, like “PRODUCTION TAIIKUKAN” character goods and magazine books.

This page is for participants who would like to deal with their creations in the The Dealer's Room at JMoF 2022. You may display or sell any furry or animal-themed creations such as pictures, illustrations, photographs, handicrafts, and fursuits. You may also put on live performances. Anyone is welcome to apply and enjoy!

Note: Your reception number and verification code are required for your application. They are described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration.

Event Outline

Date and Time

January 8th (Sat./Day 1), 2022

  • Setup: 11:00 – 13:00
  • Open: 13:00 – 15:00


1F Holiday Hall B

Entry Information


  • One booth in the Dealer’s Room consists of one long table (180 x 90 cm) and two chairs.

Note: Due to the virus countermeasures, we will not provide booths with just half of the table at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

  • If you need additional chairs, you can request them at the JMoF reception desk on-site.
  • The maximum number of available booths will be approximately 20. If we receive too many applications, we will choose the booths by lottery.
  • Due to rules and regulations, the walls of the venue cannot be used.
  • You cannot sell or handle any adult materials at the Dealer’s Room.

How to Apply for a Booth

To apply for a booth in the Dealer’s Room, you need your “Reception Number” and “Verification Code”, issued after completing pre-registration.

Please fill out the Dealer’s Room Application Form and send it to us by the deadline. Before you apply, please confirm all the information on the form.

You can access the form from the link described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration, or from the button “Apply for Your Booth at the Dealer’s Room” published on this page.

Note: For details about pre-registration and payment methods, please see the “Registration Information” page.

Application Period

September 25th (Sat.) - November 23rd (Tue.), 2021

Dealer’s Room Exhibition Fee

7,000 JPY

Dealer’s Ribbons

Dealers will be sent 3 dealer’s ribbons (1 con-badge with a ribbon and 2 extra ribbons) as proof of their participation in advance.

Please attach the extra ribbons to the con-badges of those involved in the setup and operation of your booth on the day of the event.

Booth Banner

We will ask you to submit a booth banner when you apply to exhibit in the Dealer’s Room. It will be posted on the website and in the conbook along with the registered booth information.

Booth Banner Guideline

  • Please use our official templates (download: PSD/PNG).
  • Color mode: CMYK
  • Size: 70 x 50 mm (resolution: 300 dpi)
  • Submission file format: PSD/PNG (Opacity property included)
  • Submission file name: Please use the same name for your booth and the banner file upon your application.

Booth Banner Rules

  • Please leave the border around your banner (Layer “Frame” for PSD file) as is. Note that we will trim the outside of the border.
  • Please put your booth name on the banner clearly. You are free to choose how and where to put the name.
  • When you add text on your banner, we recommend you to keep the size 6 pt or above.
  • If you submit your banner in PSD format, please flatten it (merge all the layers) in advance.
  • Submitted banners that don’t match our guidelines will be modified. Please be advised that this may cause some changes (i.e. color changes) in your original data.

Important Notes

  • To implement the virus countermeasures, each dealer participant is requested to prepare a partition between themself and the general participants.
  • To implement the virus countermeasures, please use a tray when handing over cash.

Note: For details regarding the virus countermeasures for the general participants, please see the “Dealer’s Room” section of the “Regulation Regarding the Virus Countermeasures” page.

  • Please note that you will be responsible for everything you bring to your booth. JMoF will not be responsible for any theft or damage.
  • Please bring home your own garbage.
  • Inside your own booth, you will be able to bring along and drink beverages that have a lid attached (eating and drinking are prohibited for the general participants).

Liability Waiver

  • Under no circumstances shall JMoF Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “we”) be responsible for any physical injuries or property damage caused to dealers or others concerned.
  • Dealers and others concerned must immediately pay, whether it is intentional or accidental, for any damage caused to the venue, surrounding buildings, and their facilities.
  • We do not take any responsibility for disputes between dealers and their customers over merchandise or services provided by the dealers. Dealers must pay for the damage and take responsibility for such disputes without involving us.
  • In case disputes between dealers, others concerned and their customers cause damage to us, the dealers must immediately pay for the damage.

Note: Your reception number and verification code are required for your application. They are described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration.