JMoF Rock Festival 2022

“JMoF Rock Festival” is a live music event for furry/kemono-born bands to show the results of practice and held on the special stage in JMoF.

We will prepare the minimum equipment for live music, so anyone can appear on stage only with preparation for live performance in a typical music club!

Those who have never performed on stage or don’t own fursuits are also welcome! We look forward to application by many people.

Note: The verification codes of all the group members are required for your application. They are described in the confirmation email sent after completing each pre-registration.

Event Outline

Date and Time

January 8th (Sat./Day 1), 2022

  • Rehearsal: 13:30 - 16:30
  • Performance: 17:00 - 19:00


Holiday Hall C (1F)

Live Streaming

We are planning to live-stream this event on YouTube. The URL will be announced via our official account on Twitter on the day of the event. We do not plan to archive the stream.

Entry Information

Qualification Requirements

Basically, you can apply as a group which consists of two or more members. All species, including humans, are welcome.

Note: For the virus countermeasures, please note that JMoF 2022 will not accept registration on the days of the convention. All the group members must have completed Pre-registration for JMoF 2022 at the time of application.

Application Period

September 25th (Sat.) - October 16th (Sat.), 2021

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form and send it to us by the deadline.

About a Contact in Advance

After accepting your application, we will contact you in advance.

Note: If you don’t receive any message from us for a week after completing the application, please contact us through the “Contact” page.


  • If the JMoF Executive Committee considers it inappropriate, such as violating public policy, we may decline your application.
  • If we get more applications than the capacity, they will be chosen by lottery.
  • The maximum performing time per group is 20 minutes, but we may ask you to shorten it if there are a lot of applications.
  • We use email and Discord for communication and file sharing.


We are planning to prepare instruments shown below including the guitar and bass amplifier:

  • Marshall JCM800 & 1960A
  • Roland JC-120
  • Gallien-Krueger MB115-II (200W)
  • A drum kit

Note: The verification codes of all the members are required for your application. It is described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration.