JMoF Art Competition 2021

Judges’ Choice Awards

Best Smile Award: “With you, far away” by tooboe_huusuke


Best Idea Award: “on line” by nashiazi


Comment from the winner: Thank you very much for the Best Idea Award. When I heard it would be held online this time, I started thinking about a way to express my style of "online", then I found out that “There’re no limitations for format dimension!” - which finally led to this work. I hope this situation will settle down and we’ll be able to see each other again at the next JMoF.

Best Concept Award: “Usual” by Tawashi


Guest Judge’s Favorite Award: “Overwhelming immersive feeling” by Nezi


Comment from the winner: Many thanks to the JMoF staff who worked under the circumstances of this pandemic. I expressed my desire to belong to the new VR furry community, which is worth being part of even if my body would be torn apart and nothing except for my brain was left. I really hope every day that we will get past these difficult times and can just get back to ordinary life soon.

Comment from the guest judge, Akira Himekawa: The “immersiveness” of this piece was impressive. What struck us was its heroic imagery with the eagle’s characteristics. The scenery which looks like a cockpit looks cool as well and matches the composition. It seems so drastically aggressive, that’s why we empathized with the story of this piece. It’s exciting to imagine who the person could be talking to! The painting style also worked in favor of its dynamics.

Audience Choice Awards

Gold Prize: “With you, far away” by tooboe_huusuke


Comment from the winner: Thank you very much for the Gold Prize! With this year’s theme “online” I spent a lot of time thinking about what to do. What is the origin of the term “online”? - Eventually, what came to my mind was a string phone. There is a girl in the near distance that you want to connect to, or a boy far away - the connection becomes possible with just one line of yarn. I think this may be the origin of the term “online”. I’m happy that a lot of people appreciate my art and understand the concept behind it. Again, thank you very much for the award!!

Silver Prize: “Usual” by Tawashi


Comment from the winner: Since last year human life has changed a bit such as limitations for holding events, however, it seems as usual when I see my friends on social media. All in all, they are enjoying their lives. I’m sure it’s the same for all kind of beings as well, who drink and chat with those who are familiar with, laughing as usual while enjoying being connected online. I would like to thank the JMoF staff, for their efforts to organize the competition under the current situation. I’m glad to participate in the competition again. Thank you.

Bronze Prize: “Go out” by Mizu


Comment from the winner: I am very thankful so many people saw my art in the competition. Although I know that Wi-Fi is now widespread, I still feel you just need to be “plugged in” to connect to the internet world, so I decided to draw a LAN cable with the feeling of connecting directly to everyone who would see it.


【Award Ceremony Movie】

The Art Competition, one of the most popular events in JMoF 2020, will be held online from the exhibition to the award ceremony for this time. We will also introduce the Judges’ Choice Awards.

Online meetings, online chattings, online parties, and so on... the word “Online” is becoming more and more familiar to us. To overcome any physical distance and maintain connections between people, we are now exploring the edge of “Online” possibilities.

The theme for this time is just “Online”. We will be looking for your art that expresses the theme in your own way!

There is no limitation to use tools or apps, so both traditional art and digital art are welcome. In addition, there is no requirement for the experience in past competitions or artistic skills. We look forward to your entry!

Event Outline

Submission Summary

This competition will be held for furry art that expresses the theme “Online”.

Application Period

From September 12th (Sat.) to November 30th (Mon.), 2020

Results Announcement

The results will be announced by a video aimed to be published on January 30th (Sat.), 2021. The winners will be introduced through our website and social media.

Note: The ceremony video is planned to be published on our YouTube Channel


The winners will be determined for each award based on below voting methods. The winner will receive rewards for each award.

Note: (Changed on November 1st, 2020) Some of the names for the awards have changed. There is no change in voting methods.

Audience Choice Awards

The below awards will go to the top three art receiving the most amount of votes from the online audience.

  • Most voted: Gold Prize
  • 2nd most voted: Silver Prize
  • 3rd most voted: Bronze Prize

Voting Period

From December 27th (Sun.), 2020 to January 10th (Sun.), 2021

Submitted art will be exhibited on our website during the voting period and voting will be able to be done on the same page.

Judges’ Choice Awards

The below awards will go to the art which received the best evaluation on each criterion from the judges. The judges consist of the guest judge introduced below and the JMoF Art Competition Staff.

  • Best Smile Award The award will go to the art, which people can’t help smiling at the sight.
  • Best Idea Award The award will go to the art, which has a unique interpretation of the theme and surpasses the judges’ expectations.
  • Best Concept Award The award will go to the art, which has an impressive conceptual design: the scene-setting, the character’s personality and so on.
  • Guest Judge’s Favorite Award The award will go to the guest judge’s favorite art.

Guest Judge


Akira Himekawa Manga Artist/Illustrator Duo

Entry Information

Qualification Requirements

  • Your submission must be related to furry and the theme of the competition “Online”.
  • Each applicant can submit only one work. For teams, only representatives will be counted.
  • Your submission must be original, new and unpublished.
  • Your submission must not contain any adult materials or fanart.

Submission Guideline

  • The file format of your submission must be in JPG or PNG.
  • The file size of your submission must be 10 MB or less.
  • For traditional art, please submit in digital compiled data such as scanned data.

Note: Upon the exhibition, your submission may be resized or otherwise processed.

Note: For the thumbnail on our website, your submission will be trimmed in the center with a square shape, which has the length of the short side.


  • If your submission has been found as plagiarized, it will immediately be disqualified for the competition and future submissions may be rejected.
  • Otherwise, it may be disqualified if your submission has been considered inappropriate by the JMoF Executive Committee.
  • The copyright for the submitted work belongs to its creator. However, the JMoF Executive Committee will reserve the rights to publish it in our official website, and social media/blogs (through accounts managed by us).

How to Apply

Please fill out the below application form within the above application period. We will contact you at a later date.

Your entry will be completed when you receive our message that your art is officially accepted. If you don’t receive any message from us for a week, please contact us through the Contact page.