Privacy Policy

Note: The following is translated from the original Japanese document. The original document may supersede any part of the translation below, and may be invoked at any time.

The JMoF Executive Committee (hereafter: “we,” “us,” “our”) will treat your personal information submitted by e-mail and online forms* with the utmost care and security.

Note: This includes any information submitted on an external platform operated by us, such as direct messaging on social media.

Personal Information What We Collect and Store

We collect the following personal information:

  • Pre-Registration: email address, regal name, con badge name, address, age (approx.,) emergency contact information (only for attendees under the age of 20)
  • Inquiry: name, email address
  • Application for volunteers: name, email address
  • Application for events: phone number or account ID of alternative communication media
  • Use of our website: Cookies
  • Other information that we contacted you in advance and asked your permission for to use in any other specific way. (Details are shown below.)

About Transaction with Credit Card

Please note that though information of a credit card may be required in the attendance registration or application for some events, it is sent only to Stripe Inc., which provides payment agent services. Therefore, it will never be known to any third party including us.

Usage of Personal Information

We collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • Delivering necessary documents/items (official convention badge, etc.)
  • Responding to questions or concerns sent through e-mail or by form
  • Contacting applicants for volunteer or events
  • Improving the user experience of this website
  • If we need to use your information in any other way, we will contact you in advance and ask for your permission. In those cases, we will only use your information within the scope of what was agreed to by both parties.

Usage of Personal Information on for the Purpose of the Virus Countermeasures

For the virus countermeasures, we will treat your personal information which we collect as follows:

  • Providing names and other information to Loisir Hotel Toyohashi for confirming the person who made the room reservation
  • Contacting the participants and relevant organizations such as health care centers, when a person who is infected with the Novel Coronavirus disease is found in the participants.

Note: We may provide personal information to a third party when requested to do so by the government or local entities, when necessary to protect human life, body, or property, or when particularly necessary to improve public health.

Note: We will not give away any of your personal information to a third party unless with explicit permission by you beforehand, or in cases where required by law.

Bases for Processing

The bases for our processing personal information are:

  • Cookie: To get consent from the data subject.
  • Others: To get what is necessary for our services.

In addition, we process all the personal information in Japan.

  • Transfers of personal information from member states of the European Union (EU) take place without any specific authorization as well as from other countries or regions because Japan has received an adequacy decision from the European Commission.
  • As the UK has completed the relevant legal procedures to maintain the above effect, the transfers of personal information from the UK also take place without any specific authorization.

Storage Period of Personal Information

Any personal information we collect is stored for at most two years and a quarter, and it will be erased after that. And we will try to shorten this period as much as we can.

Access to and Rectification or Erasure of Personal Information

Personal information provided in the attendance registration can be rectified through the “Pre-registration Information Change Form”. Cancellation of your attendance to JMoF can also be accepted through this same form, and the personal information will be erased right then.

Note: If you are registered as the “SHOGUN” tier, you can erase your pre-registration and its information for JMoF 2022, however, you cannot be refunded the Pre-Registration fee. For details, please see the “Refunds” section of the “Information Complying with the Japanese Specified Commercial Transactions Act” page.

Regarding Site Security

  • This website’s communications are encrypted using SSL.
  • The Pre-registration form, Dealer’s Room application form, Pre-registration Information Change form, and Changing Roomform all utilize TLS-based encryption.

About Cookies

This website uses cookies for improvement of user experience. Cookies are text files that record various information about how a user interacted with a website. They are referenced in order to make the services you use more convenient, and allow our provided services to be improved. You are able to stop information gathering from cookies at any time. For more information, please visit the “All About Cookies” page.

External Services

In order to better manage this convention, part of our affairs incorporate external services. For more information regarding external services and their handling of personal information, please visit each official website’s respective Privacy Policy page.

Other Inquiries

For questions or concerns regarding usage of your given personal information, please send us a message through the “Contact” page.

(As of September 25th, 2021)