Rules of Conduct

Note: The following is translated from the original Japanese document. The original document may supersede any part of the translation below, and may be invoked at any time.

The JMoF Executive Committee (hereafter “we”) has established rules of conduct to ensure that everyone enjoys the Japan Meeting of Furries (JMoF) convention.

Please read and understand the following rules carefully prior to attending the convention.

General Rules of the JMoF Venue

  • Please display a valid, registered JMoF con-badge where it can be seen at all times (with or without fursuit.)
  • For JMoF 2024’s participants, regulations regarding countermeasures against COVID-19 have been applied. For more details, please visit the “Regulations And Policies Regarding Countermeasures Against COVID-19” page.
  • “Policies for Clothing and Changing” applies to every case of changing into or out of any clothes/costume. For details, please see the “Policies for Clothing and Changing” page.
  • Don’t use any hotel room furnishings outside of their intended purposes.
  • In the unlikely case of an emergency, please follow the hotel staff’s instructions.
  • JMoF attendees must abide by all instructions given by the JMoF staff. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the premises.
  • In addition to the above rules, please abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the prefecture, the city, and the hotel.

Parties and Gatherings

  • Please do not invite visitors into your room.
  • Visitors may not use your hotel room for changing.
  • Remember that there are other guests not attending JMoF staying at the hotel. Please keep noise to a minimum at night.


  • Harassment is not tolerated by any means at JMoF, no matter if it's physical, verbal, sexual, or otherwise.
  • Wearing a fursuit is not immediate consent to anything. Ask for permission before taking a photo or interacting with a fursuiter.
  • Remember that no means no. You must stop any behavior when people tell you to.

Prohibited Items

  • Any model weapons (model guns, swords, mock explosive substances, etc.)

Note: Model weapons that cannot be used to cause injury may be brought into the photo booth and performances areas. When bringing these into the convention, please keep them completely concealed and close to your person at all times. It will be the responsibility of the attendee to keep an eye on their personal belongings.

  • Pet/companion animals (with the exception of service animals for any disabled staff or attendees)
  • Food

Note: Inside the changing room and the Headless Lounge, you will be able to bring and drink beverages that have a lid attached to them.


  • Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times. We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • If you see an unattended package or bag in the convention space, do not touch it and report it to staff immediately.

Use of JMoF Images or Footage

  • You may not under any condition film or record the Headless Lounge or prohibited displays. You also may not film the Talk Show or the Dealer’s Room, but if you are a panelist or dealer, you are allowed to film yourself in these two places as long as it doesn’t bother others around you or infringe on their rights.
  • We are not responsible for any trouble that may arise from any photographs or videos that are publicized.
  • Even JMoF staff or those who obtained permission to film the Talk Show/Dealer’s Room must still ask permission of whomever is going to be filmed before filming begins.
  • Expect the photos taken by the JMoF photography staff (including the photo booth) to be released publicly as promotional pictures or other materials.

Other Notes

  • The personnel of the convention hotel may perform photographing/filming (including using a drone) and publish the photos/movies. Please note that using a drone is prohibited for those who are not convention hotel workers.
  • Authorized journalists and media photographers may use photograph/video footage for media publication on TV, newspapers, etc.

Penalties against Violation

  • If there is a possibility that participants violated this policy, we may investigate and take action against the violation.
  • Against any participant who violated this policy (hereafter “violator”), we can take the following actions:
    • To suspend the participation eligibility of violators immediately. Violators shall return their con-badges to us and leave the venue. We do not refund the registration fee or any other fees with this action.
    • To rule violators out of events hosted by us for a certain period.
  • We may disclose the details of actions taken against violators.

General Rules

Attendees may not dress in any clothing, costumes or fursuits that are overly revealing or inappropriate for the atmosphere of the convention.

General Rules for Fursuiters

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids so you’re in your best condition while attending the convention. Please use the Headless Lounge at your leisure for taking a break as well.

Note: For details regarding the Headless Lounge, please visit the “Headless Lounge” page.

  • If you start to feel unwell while suiting, please unsuit as quickly as possible until you start feeling better again.
  • If you intend to go outside of the hotel, please be accompanied by a handler at all times.

Changing into Your Fursuit/Costume at JMoF

  • Those who purchased the right to use the changing room during their Pre-Registration sign-up will be able to use the facility located inside the convention area. Please follow the usage instructions.

Note: For details regarding the regulations for the changing room, please visit the “Changing Room” page.

  • For those who have not purchased the right to use the changing room, there are no other changing facilities located inside the convention area. Please refer to the instructions below to find out where you are able to change.

Guests Staying at Loisir Hotel Toyohashi

  • Please change in your hotel room. Elevators in the hotel are available for quick access between the convention area and hotel rooms.
  • After checkout, please find a suitable place to change into and out of your costume, such as your car parked in the parking lot, etc.

Guests Not Staying at Loisir Hotel Toyohashi

  • Changing in your car parked in a nearby parking lot is allowed. Please be aware of your surroundings when doing so.
  • There may be severe weather on the days of the convention, so if you use your car in the parking lot as a changing location, please be careful.
  • Parking your car in the hotel’s connected parking lot and going through the first and second floors of the hotel are both permitted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(As of September 10th, 2023)