Event Application

JMoF 2022 is going to take applications for your own unique event.

“I have ideas for an event, but I’m worried if people would want to come...” “I’m sure a program like this would certainly make JMoF even more fun...”

For those who have thoughts like that, we have a space at JMoF for you to do your event. Why not take this opportunity to realize your idea at JMoF?

Note: Your verification code is required for your application. It is described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration.

Event Outline

Available Date, Time and Place

After the application for holding your event is approved, we will suggest to you about available time(s) and place(s).

  • Basically, 60 minutes will be provided for one event.
  • You can use the room 15 minutes before and after event timeframes for preparation and cleanup.

Note: Available date, time and place are limited. If we get more applications than the capacity, they will be chosen by lottery or selected by us.

Entry Information

Qualification Requirements

  • To hold the event, “Regulations Regarding the Virus Countermeasures” must be understood and complied with.
  • Material that violates public policy must not be contained.
  • Rules of the hotel must be followed.
  • Using email and/or Discord, meeting with JMoF staff about the contents of the event in advance must be taken part in.

Note: For the virus countermeasures, please note that JMoF 2022 will not accept registration on the days of the convention. The representative must have completed Pre-registration for JMoF 2022 at the time of application.

Restrictions of Event in JMoF 2022

Because of the virus countermeasures, the contents and implementations of events in JMoF 2022 will be more restricted than before.

Therefore, depending on the content and implementation of the event you applied for, we may ask you to change them or decline to hold it.

Examples of feasible event

  • A talk show with one or more panelists
  • A stationary exhibition

Examples of infeasible event

  • A recreation event with close physical contact for a long time
  • A mingling event with facing each other at close range

Available Equipment

  • Chairs (pipe chairs at the hotel)
  • Tables (45 x 180 cm)
  • Whiteboards (2,000 JPY, 90 x 180 cm, only one available for each event)
  • Projectors (5,000 JPY, VGA (D-Sub15), only one available for each event)

Note: If you would like to use a whiteboard and/or a projector, please pay the fee at the JMoF reception desk on the day. Since the number of white boards and projectors is limited, we will accept requests on a first-come-first-served basis.

Note: If you break the projector, the representative of the event who uses it owes the compensation for the hotel.

Application Period

From September 25th (Sat.) to October 31th (Sun.,) 2021 (JST)

How to Apply

Please fill out the application form and send it to us by the deadline.

About a Contact in Advance

After accepting your application, we will contact you in advance.

Note: If you don’t receive any message from us for a week after completing the application, please contact us through the “Contact” page.


  • Depending on the future situation, we may cancel the application and holding of events.
  • Depending on the schedule of other programs, your requests of date, time and place may not be met. We will inform you in that case.

Note: Your verification code is required for your application. It is described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration.