Room Reservation

Room reservation is optional and separate from the registration for JMoF. When you book a room at a hotel, please do it by yourself through the procedure shown below.

Note: Room reservations for the convention hotel are scheduled to begin on 22:00, October 23rd (Sat.), 2021. (Those who are pre-registered with the “SHOGUN” tier will be informed of reservations separately.)

Reservation Plans of the Convention Hotel

The Loisir Hotel Toyohashi has prepared accommodation plans for JMoF participants. Please check the following information carefully and apply it directly to the hotel.

Applicable Reservation Period

For check-ins between January 6th (Thu.) and 9th (Sun.), 2022

Note: If you book from January 7th (Fri.) to the 9th (Sun.), 2022, you will be able to attend all the days of the convention.


Check-in starts at 15:00 / Check-out ends 11:00

Just like any other hotel, you may only use your room from the time you check-in to the time you check-out. Please be aware of the period that you are going to stay at the JMoF convention and book accordingly.

Typical Room Types and Prices

The main reservation plans for participants are as follows. All accommodation prices below include breakfast and tax.

  • Standard Double (1 room 1 person, 1 bed): 9,570 JPY per night
  • Standard Double (1 room 2 people, 1 bed): 14,740 JPY per night (7,370 per person)
  • Superior Twin (1 room 1 person, 2 beds): 13,970 JPY per night
  • Superior Twin (1 room 2 people, 2 beds): 16,940 JPY per night (8,470 per person)
  • Superior Twin (1 room 3 people, 2 beds + 1 extra bed): 22,110 JPY per night (7,370 per person)
  • Fourth (1 room 4 people, 4 beds): 27,280 JPY per night (6,820 per person)

Note: If you want to book a Single type room, please select “Standard Double (1 room 1 person)”.

Note: If you want to add an extra bed to a Twin type room for only a certain number of nights during your stay, please select “Superior Twin (1 room 3 people)” and write your request into “Comments or special requests”.

Note: There are only non-smoking rooms for the Fourth type room.

Note: For the JMoF 2022 convention only, if requested by the government, local entities, or industry organizations, the Twin type and Fourth type rooms may be limited to two persons per room even after the reservation is confirmed. In such cases, the rate for “Superior Twin (1 room 2 people)” will be applied.

Note: Please make the payment with cash or by credit card at the hotel reception when you check out. Since these are special plans, you can’t combine them with coupons or discounts.

Start of Reservation Period

Reservations for the Loisir Hotel Toyohashi start on October 23rd (Sat.), 2021, 22:00:00 (JST).

Note: You may only reserve a room after the time and date shown above, through the method shown below. Note that depending on the reservation status, some requests might not be able to be met.

Note: Those who are pre-registered with the “SHOGUN” tier can pre-reserve a room from October 9th (Sat.), 2021, 22:00:00 (JST) until October 15th (Fri.), 2021.

How to Make a Reservation

You can reserve a room at Loisir Hotel Toyohashi via the special website for room reservations. Please note that the JMoF Executive Committee doesn’t handle any reservations.

Note: The information necessary to access the special website for room reservations will be displayed just below when the application opens at the time shown above.

Important Notice

If you have previously registered a customer account, using the same email address will result in an error. Please follow the procedure below to delete your account once before proceeding with your room reservation.

  1. Visit the “Change Customer Account” page.
  2. Fill in both [E-Mail Address] and [Password] fields, then click/tap [Continue] button.
  3. Confirm the registered information, then click/tap [Delete Account] button to delete your account.

How to Reserve via the Special Website

  1. Register the Customer Registration of the convention hotel by using both Company ID and Company Password.
  2. Re-visit the special website, then login with both the registered email address and password.
  3. Select a suitable plan for your room reservation.
  4. Confirm all the information and determine the reservation.

How to Reserve via the Special Website (Details)

  1. Visit the special website for room reservation for Loisir Hotel Toyohashi.

  2. Click/tap [Customer Registration] button in “first time user”.

  3. [Corporate On-line Reservation System] page is appeared.

  4. Fill in both Company ID and Company Password fields the same as above, then click/tap [Next] button.

  5. [Customer Registration] page is appeared.

  6. Input the required fields for creating your account. The required fields are shown below.

    • E-Mail Address
    • Retype E-Mail Address
    • Password
    • Retype Password
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Birthday
    • Home Address (Address, Zip Code and Country)
    • Contact Phone Number

Note: Please type directly to fill in the fields.

Note: Your password must contain both alphabetic and numeric characters, and longer than 7 letters.

  1. Afterwards, check [I have read and accept the Terms & Service.], then click/tap [Register] button.
  2. [Thank you for your membership registration.] message is appeared.

Note: Do NOT click/tap the “Loisir Hotel Toyohashi” link.

Note: At the time, an email titled “Loisir Hotel Toyohashi Member Registration” is sent automatically to your registered email address.

  1. Re-visit the special website for room reservation for Loisir Hotel Toyohashi.
  2. Fill in both [E-Mail Address] and [Password] fields the same as you have registered, then click/tap [Sign in] button.
  3. [Online Reservation] page is appeared.
  4. Click/tap [Plan List] tab shown left to show the available plans for JMoF attendees.
  5. Proceed as shown on the screen to select a suitable plan for you.

Note: You can book only one room.

  1. Finally, [Confirm] page is appeared.
  2. Confirm all the information carefully, and select the time for check-in in [Requested check-in time] field, then click/tap [Complete Reservation] button.
  3. A dialog window described “Finalize your reservation?” is appeared.
  4. Click/tap [OK] button.

Note: If you want to change the information, click/tap [Back] button. The fields keep your inputted information as of now.

Note: If you want to stay in a Twin room by 3 people on any of the days while you stay, please select “Superior Twin (1 room 3 people)” and write your request into “Contact Us”. Note that an extra bed is installed to a Twin room during you stay.

  1. An email titled “Loisir Hotel Toyohashi Booking Confirmation” is sent automatically to your registered email address.

The reservation is completed.

Note: Your account information for the convention hotel is apart from your registration information for JMoF, and used based on each term of service. There is not in sync between the convention hotel’s and JMoF’s.

Note: Please note that a room reservation for the convention hotel via your telephone is not available this time.


If you wish to cancel your reservation, click on the “Confirm/change/cancel your reservation” link on the special website above. Please follow the instructions on the screen. Please note that the same email address and password that was used for the reservation are required for cancellation.


Please contact Loisir Hotel Toyohashi directly for questions regarding reservation plans or any other special requests.