Artist Lounge -The Seven Eshi-

The Artist Lounge that met with a favorable reception at JMoF 2020 is coming back in JMoF 2022 at the new place!

What is the Artist Lounge?

There is a place where all attendees enjoy communication with each other and their activities via the art under the theme of “There are not only fursuits”. Drawing the whole time is fine. Exchanging artworks or opening commissions are also fine. Of course, joining the programs held in the lounge is always welcome!

Note: This time, there will be pretty fewer art materials that we rent to the attendees than we have prepared every time. We strongly recommend that you bring your own art materials.

Date and Time

  • January 8th (Sat./Day 1), 2022, 12:00 - 21:00
  • January 9th (Sun./Day 2), 2022, 10:00 - 21:00


2F Room Kaede

What Kind of Programs Do You Have?

The planned programs are shown below.

JMoF Art Competition 2022

We will hold an art competition. Why not show your art which is the result of your overwhelming passion and practice to the audience in the competition?

The theme is “Samurai”!

For more information including how to apply to the competition, please see the “Art Competition” page.

Can-badge Workshop

The Can-badge Workshop is now a permanent program. Whenever the lounge is open, let’s draw your art on the template paper and bring it in, then we will make the can-badge and hand it to you. Do you prefer your precious OC’s goodies or a surprise for your friend? Heck yeah, whatever you want to!

JMoF Handscroll

In the lounge, we will set a looooooooong roll of paper in which you can draw anything! If you don’t have enough space to draw, just wind the paper up.

Why not you draw about your sweetest memory in JMoF in it? Of course, trying your best is also welcome!

Commission Reference File

In the lounge, we will set an A4-sized file folder in which anyone can leave their commission reference sheet. You can make your ad at any time; Preparing it in advance is well. Making it on-site is also okay!

This might help you who want both to join other programs and to take a commission artwork! Use it wisely and have the best days in JMoF!

We look forward to seeing you there!