Trip Fur ~Detour~

“Trip Fur”, the sound lounge where furries attracted to DJ sounds gather - Attuned with zen, let’s trip into another space at night of JMoF 2022.

Note: This event is for Sponsors, Supersponsors and SHOGUNs exclusive.

Event Outline

Date and Time

January 8th (Sat./1st Day), 2022, 19:00 - 21:00


1F Holiday Hall D


Please note the following points for the virus countermeasures.

  • If the number of participants gets more than the capacity, we will restrict the admission.
  • Please refrain from close contact and loud vocalizations between participants.
  • Please refrain from contact with the performers, such as going on the stage.
  • This event is not an exception for prohibition eating and drinking in the venue of JMoF 2022. In addition, we will not sell beverages there.