JMoF Official Goods Store

We’re lining up goods perfect for gifts and souvenirs featuring designs of JMoF 2022’s theme, The Seven Samurai. Please drop on by on the days of the convention!

About the Handling of the JMoF Official Goods


JMoF Official Store, 1F Holiday Hall Lobby


  • January 8th (Sat./Day 1), 2022, 12:00 - 20:00
  • January 9th (Sun./Day 2), 2022, 10:00 - 17:00

Note: Please be aware that we do not plan to re-sell the JMoF Official Goods.

Goods List

JMoF Original Ballpoint Pen (SARASA)

Whether for drawing or regular use, it’s a pen that can help bring out a teeny memory of JMoF on a normal day.

Price: 200 JPY

The Seven Samurai Face Towel

A face towel that’s easy-to-use has finally made its way to the JMoF Official Goods line-up!

Price: 1,500 JPY

The Seven Samurai Folding Fan

The standard Japanese-style accessory! Using it is great, hanging it is also great!
Banging it on the table, too, is great!

Size: About 21cm, 30 ridges
Features: Full color cloth wrap, box and storage bag included, a tassel perfect for carriage included

Price: 3,500 JPY

The Seven Samurai Original Mobile Charger

A mobile charger with a wonderful art on the cover. You can use it as a backup battery for your smartphone or for the cooling fan when fursuiting.
It’s a product that can be displayed in your room as well.

Size: About 99 mm height, 63 mm width, 14 mm depth
Capacity: 5,000 mAh

Price: 3,000 JPY

JMoF 2022 Official T-Shirt

The standard JMoF Official T-Shirt. This time’s art was drawn for us by Grrr, artist for the last year’s online shop.


Price: 2,500 JPY

JMoF 2022 Tote Bag

A durable and cool tote bag that lets you carry around your largish items, like fanbooks, sketchbooks, and boardgames.
You can use it as a bag for groceries too.

Size: 360 mm width, 370 mm height, 110 mm depth
Capactiy: About 10 L
Materials: Cotton, Polyester

Price: 1,500 JPY

JMoF 2022 Pin Badge

The familiar pin badge, present every time. We’re preparing them this time too!

Size: ⌀ 25 mm
Color: Silver

Price: 600 JPY

JMoF 2022 Sticker

JMoF Design Sticker. Stick it to something like your suitcase or car and show off your FURRY!

Price: 300 JPY

JMoF 2022 Poster

A powerful poster featuring this time’s JMoF theme. Let’s decorate your room with a JMoF memory.

Size: JIS B2

Price: 300 JPY

We’re also selling a limited amount of past official JMoF goods in addition to what’s listed above, so please be sure to come by!