Guest of Honor


Horimon (ほりもん)

Horimon has been producing works of art with the theme of “Kemono (ケモノ)” since 2012, and is currently creating sculptures at his base in Mie. “Meet the KEMONO”, an art exhibition by Horimon, had started in Osaka, and up until now has been showcased in Okinawa, Fukuoka, and Tokyo. He has been recognized as one of the pioneers of contemporary sculpture art, whose recognition does not stop with just kemono fans.

This word “Kemono” is an anthropomorphizing expression, assigning human factors like emotion, perception, language, and gestures to animals other than humans, or its opposite, providing beast-like characteristics to humans. What kinds of mindstates have arisen from hearing this word, whose origins are old and whose use can be seen everywhere nowadays?

As someone whose interest and admiration in kemono from a young age led him to put a focus on the connection between humans and kemono, Horimon produces 3D representations of kemono, and through this act of encountering (“Meeting”) them, he’s reinterpreting the common assumptions of what kemono is, and investigating its existence.

This time at JMoF, we’ve invited Horimon as the Guest of Honor and will put on a talk show. “What does it mean for kemono to be created as art?” “What is the relationship between kemono and us humans?” This and more will be discussed with him as we touch upon his point of view as an artist and his notions of what a kemono fan is.

We’d love to have people of all different ages and backgrounds join us for this talk show.





Event Outline

  • Date: January 8th (Sun./Day 4), 2023, 11:30 - 12:30
  • Place: 1F Holiday Hall A & B

Recent photograph, “condescending”, “bitter” ©️ Horimon

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