Dealer’s Room

The Dealer’s Room is the place for all furry/animal creators and fans. Dealers can display and sell all original furry/animal-themed creations such as art, books, goods, accessories, and fursuits. Admission is free for JMoF attendees, so come and join us and have a great time!

This page is for artists who would like to deal with their creations in the The Dealer’s Room at JMoF 2024. You may display or sell any furry or animal-themed creations such as pictures, illustrations, photographs, books, handicrafts, and fursuits. You can also take commissions there.

Event Outline

Date and Time

January 7th (Sun./Day 3), 2024

  • Setup: 10:00 – 11:00
  • Open: 11:00 – 15:00


1F Holiday Hall A, B

Entry Information

Booth Types

  • Choose one of the three types of booths: Table Booth (Single or Double) or Square Booth.

No additional chair option for any type.

Table Booth

You can display your items on the long table already arranged.

  • Single: Half of the long table (90 x 90 cm) with one chair
  • Double: One long table (180 x 90 cm) with two chairs

Note: If we receive too many applications, we may choose the booths by lottery.

Square Booth

You can display items as you like inside the square space.

  • A square area (250 x 250 cm) with one long table (180cm x 90 cm) and two chairs
    • The “no table” option is available.

Note: The number of acceptable square booths is limited. Applications will be closed when they reach the limit.


  • The walls of the venue cannot be used.
  • You cannot sell or handle any adult materials in the Dealer’s Room.
  • Please note that you will be responsible for everything you bring to your booth at any time. JMoF Executive Committee will not be responsible for any theft or damage.
  • Bring home your own garbage.
  • Inside your own booth, you will be able to bring along and drink beverages that have a lid attached (eating and drinking are prohibited for the general participants).

How to Apply for a Booth

To apply for a booth in the Dealer’s Room, you need your “Reception Number”, issued after completing pre-registration.

Fill out the Dealer’s Room Application Form and send it to us by the deadline. Before you apply, please confirm all the information on the form.

You can access the form from the link described in the confirmation email sent after completing your pre-registration, or from the button “Apply for Your Booth at the Dealer’s Room” published on this page.

Note: For details about pre-registration and payment methods, see the “Registration Information” page.

Application Period

September 30th (Sat.) - October 31st (Tue.), 2023

Dealer’s Room Exhibition Fee

  • Table Booth (Single): 3,500 JPY
  • Table Booth (Double): 7,000 JPY
  • Square Booth: 10,000 JPY

Dealer’s Ribbons

Dealer’s Ribbons certify you are a dealer. We will give you the prescribed number of ribbons (depending on your booth type) along with your con-badge.

  • Table Booth (Single): 2 dealer’s ribbons
  • Table Booth (Double): 3 dealer’s ribbons
  • Square Booth: 4 dealer’s ribbons

Please attach the ribbons to the con-badge(s) of those who are involved in the on-site setup and operation of your booth.

Booth Banner

We will ask you to submit a booth banner when you apply to exhibit in the Dealer’s Room. It will be posted on the website and in the conbook along with the registered booth information.

Booth Banner Guideline

  • Use our official templates (download: PSD/PNG).
  • Color mode: CMYK
  • Size: 70 x 50 mm (resolution: 300 dpi)
  • Submission file format: PSD/PNG (Opacity property included)
  • Submission file name: Use the same name for your booth and the banner file upon your application.

Booth Banner Rules

  • Leave the border around your banner (Layer “Frame” for PSD file) as is. Note that we will trim the outside of the border.
  • Put your booth name on the banner clearly. You are free to choose how and where to put the name.
  • When you put text on your banner, we recommend you keep the size 6 pt or above.
  • If you submit your banner in PSD format, flatten it (merge all the layers) in advance.
  • We will reject banners that don’t match our guidelines. In that case, follow our instructions and re-submit the correct one.

Note: In order to publish the booth information on our website and conbook, please be advised that this may cause some changes (i.e. color changes) in the original data of your booth banner.

Liability Waiver

  • Under no circumstances shall JMoF Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as “we”) be responsible for any physical injuries or property damage caused to dealers or others concerned.
  • Dealers and others concerned must immediately pay, whether it is intentional or accidental, for any damage caused to the venue, surrounding buildings, and their facilities.
  • We do not take any responsibility for disputes between dealers and their customers over merchandise or services provided by the dealers. Dealers must pay for the damage and take responsibility for such disputes without involving us.
  • In case disputes between dealers, others concerned and their customers cause damage to us, the dealers must immediately pay for the damage.

Booth Map

dealers booth map

Dealer Information

【Square A】



I'm creating handmade fabric goods featuring animal motifs, primarily using my original illustrations.
Fabric items designed for fursuits will also be available.


【Square B】



K-LINE character goods and figures will be sold.


【Square C】



I'll be displaying and taking orders for fursuit carry bags and fursuit head backpacks.
I also plan to bring plushies, art dolls, and kemono goods!


【Square D】



I will offer wrist warmers that help naturally incorporate kemono into your daily life, as well as goods with snow leopard motifs.
In addition, I'll also be dealing in a wide variety of products, like fashion pieces that reflect my unique tastes as a creator (caramel-colored sling bags), etc.


【Square E】



This is wolf's works, creator of original kemono goods. I'll be aiming to create comfortable goods that you'll want to put on, like T-shirts featuring snow leopard and wolf kemono motifs, or harnesses and gears designed for fursuiters. Please feel free to come and visit.



Hikage Works

Hibikine Kage

We're a fursuit studio based in Kanagawa prefecture's Sagamihara City, known for the fursuit creation Youtube channel Nekono Nyan (猫乃にゃん). Thanks to everyone's support, we're celebrating our 3rd anniversary! We will sell head creation kits. Besides that, we'll have acrylic pictures, books on fursuit creation and AI image generation techniques, Shikishi boards, et cetera. At Hikage Works, from day one of our founding, we've been supporting those who wish to create their own works. We're available to answer any questions related to fursuit and rubber suit production, so please don't hesitate to stop by and ask us anything!





A T-shirts shop. Some T-shirts related to language and food. New products might be a sweatshirt.





I love wolves, and I'll be creating works express them in various ways.




I'll sell Shikishi artboards and other various goods



Atelier Amanojaku inc.


We'll be selling original goods and passing out pamphlets!





FurMIT is a big event that has been hosted in Taiwan since 2020. It's an event that has several themed event experiences and various panels prepared every year, and creates wonderful memories.
At JMoF, we're planning on selling FurMIT 2022-2023 goods!
For those interested, please come out to the FurMIT booth! We hope that with these goods of ours, you can get a taste of what this event is all about!





GAB SHIBA is the Wildest Mexican furry quality fashion brand, with their striking designs and amazing storylines, they truly show their spiciest furry passion in every form and medium since 2016. STAY SHIBAWSOME!!!



Stephie's Art Corner

Stephie the Deer

We will be selling a variety of furry prints, blankets, wall scrolls, and dakimakura featuring a variety of different art styles! Plenty of deer things to be had~



FurryFur × Changed


Join us at JMoF2024 for an exciting experience of the original IP "FurryFur" and the original indie game "Changed"! Enjoy our original animated PV, and explore a wide array of official merchandise on display! Boundless joy is happening here - don't miss out on this exciting fusion of creativity at JMoF2024!


Waffle Wishes


Strange Canadian gremlins are back (again) to harass the wonderful Japanese Kemono community with weird North American Furry stuff! よろしくお願いします!





I'm planning to sell mainly original illustrations as well as my popular wolf mitten items, art collections, and various accessories like acrylic goods, etc!




Rin Mizutani

Mini original art pieces and illustration books, acrylic keyholders, etc.
I plan to carry new items like tarot cards, umbrella marker charms, blankets, etc.
I hope you'll come and visit!



UWABAMI Highball


We are taking "Kemono and Kimono" as a theme and making illustrations.





For products relating to RelateTrekker, OneLyric, etc.




Kazuchi Rakurai

I will distribute English translation of the paperback that won the grand prize for short story at the first Kemono Story Contest. I would be glad if you could stop by my space.





The Kemono Idol Unit "sourire" debuts at JMoF!
We will have merchandise like photo collections and badges available.




I plan to sell fursuit heads, paws, and acessories as well as goods like original illustrations and stickers, etc.





I'll be taking on-site original illustration commissions, please feel free to come and visit!



Eromame&Moeta WAKUWAKU factory


This is a goods circle for Mamedon and Loveless.
We'll have a ton of goods.
Be sure to come!



These were the various items displayed before.


Wan do Natsu


The duo of Mikazuki (X:@0625tuki) and Natutuna (X:@naturesi7272) will be running this booth!




Selling fursuit heads, head bases for self-creation use, fursuit parts, etc.!

I'll be lining up a variety of original items that will be useful for those looking to create their own fursuit or enhance their fursuit skills!



Philosofur Publishing

Riryo Nagatani

“Philosofur”, a doujinshi covering studies, essays, reviews, and translations discussing furry/kemono culture will be available for purchase.



Pastel sippo


I'll sell capes suitable for fursuits, playful sleep masks, and other handmade goods.
You are welcome to try on the products, so please come and take a look!



Starcat Diary


This is Starcat Diary!
I plan to sell a variety of things, like illustration books and books on how to create fursuits, goods, fursuit heads, etc. Please come and visit!



Marukichi workshop


I'll be selling T-shirts and tanktops essential for fitness.
Also, I'll be selling goods such as hand-drawn illustrations, fursuit heads, acrylic keyholders, stickers, etc.
And, for a limited timed only, everyone who visits us will get the chance to become macho based on how much effort they put in! (Just kidding) Please look forward to the shop!


Shiba MFG


Planning to put out things related to fursuits





MOFUMOFU is a circle that was established from several fursuiters inside China. We're creating original fursuits, developing related accessories, and producing order-made faux-fur fabric.



Paw's Tec,


I'll be selling e-business cards utilizing the NFC functionality on smartphones!
You can seamlessly share your information even in fursuits.
Because it allows multiple SNS accounts to be brought into one system, it provides greater self-promotion potential than traditional paper cards.
Also, since it is web-based, there is no need to install any special apps.

Note: In order to read the e-business cards, only smartphones with NFC capabilities (Android/iPhone) can be used.




I'll be creating fursuit character goods and books:

Fursuit Introduction book "moflog" created with the owner, featuring a Rankiti illustration and one illustration the owner likes

Over 100 types of random keyholders of fursuit characters

Also, business card cases and acrylic goods
Information on open commission for acrylic name plates and figures, etc.





We'll be distributing products relating to fursuit characters, such as character goods, books, etc. of the characters belonging to "PRODUCTION TAIIKUKAN".





We'll be selling character illustration goods with the "School Festival" motif.





Planning to put out SUPER EXCITING GOODS from our PIZA-PAN members!!!!! Come on out and join the fun!!!!



Inu Inu club


We're the mystery group Inu Inu club. All we do is bathe, eat, drink, and have a good time.



Natsuoka MOTORS

TF Nattu

Whether you like both or either of "Cars x Kemono", I'll be lining up products that should capture your fancy! This is my first time opening up a booth. I warmly invite you to stop by!





ANIMARCH is a multi-creative group working with a "Full-Speed Ahead" goal in mind. We plan to distribute a wide range of items, including album CDs packed with numerous original songs from our group artists, as well as various goods from each artist.





We'll be selling goods of Kemonap avatars and whatever Uriinu wants to make.



Mibu Works

Mibu Harunari

Hi, this is Mibu Works.
I'm mainly producing works that have canine motifs.
In addition to selling tableware and sake vessels made from 'Bizen ware,' a traditional craft from one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, I will also offer a variety of goods such as original drawings and keyholders.
If you're around, please feel free to stop by, pick up each item, and have a closer look.