The Sound Lounge “TRIP FUR”, an installation space that affords challenges of audio and vision to the architecture of visuospatial perception, presented by JMoF’s leading technical team.

There are three types of vision in installations: “depth perception”, “constancy phenomena”, and “illusion”. The retinal image is two-dimensional, whereas the perceived world appears with depth. This means that what we see near us does not correspond perfectly to what we see on our retinas.

We remember what we see in our minds as we construct it. An installation that affords movement and an installation free from spatial materials and textures; the concept of both is based on this principle of perception. We believe that this concept is the prerequisite for evoking a ‘scenery’.

In the future, it will be necessary to experiment in other environments with different materials and textures. When recapturing the visual space based on the ‘scenery’, along with the emotional excitement in the senses such as touch and taste, we can expect to create the visual space more inclusive for the viewers.

In short, it’s SUPER-DUPER

Event Outline

Date and Time

  • January 6th (Sat./Day 2), 2024, 19:00 - 22:00


1F Holiday Hall D

About drink services

At this lounge, drinks are available for a fee. You can pay with cash or drink tickets.

Note: Due to the virus countermeasures, please enjoy your drink in the lounge.


  • Please refrain from close contact and loud vocalizations between participants.