Talk & Snack with TRIP FUR

For all who want to enjoy JMoF the most right from the first day! "Talk & Snack" has returned!!

Aaaand! This year we're collaborating with the super-popular project TRIP FUR!

An event with chill music playing in the event space, everyone able to chat with each other with their brought-in snacks in one hand, that's "Talk & Snack with TRIP FUR"!

Event Outline

"Talk & Snack with TRIP FUR" is a lounge that will be hosted in Holiday Hall after the Opening Ceremony, where participants can exchange conversation with each other. With chill music that won't disrupt the exchanges, DJs will create a space that, through pleasant conversation, heals the fatigue brought by participants' long travels to Toyohashi.

We'll also have a mutual streaming environment set up with VR JMoF, so communication will be possible with those who are participating in VR as well.

Opening Hours

January 5th (Fri./Day 1), 2024, 19:00 - 22:00


1F Holiday Hall C/D

About Bringing in Food And Drink

You are able to bring in food and drinks into this event. Please bring your place's famous and recommended snacks and drinks to chat about and enjoy during the event!

Note: Please refrain from bringing in any food or drinks that have a strong odor to them.

Staff will also prepare snacks and drinks, so please feel free to participate even without bringing anything.


  • Please refrain from overly close contact and loud vocalizations between participants.
  • When eating and drinking, please be careful not to inconvenience those who are wearing fursuits nearby.