Charity Raffle

JMoF and Charity

The furry/kemono genre we see today has taken shape in the form of illustrations, fursuits, music, and merchandise. It’s needless to say that our passion comes from the admiration and respect we have for the animals we take inspiration from.

As Japan’s first large scale furry/kemono convention, we want to send a positive message out to the rest of the community in order to continue the growth of our furry/kemono culture.

Hence, we happily announce that we at JMoF 2023 will conduct a charity event during JMoF for Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park (also known as Nonhoi Park). We hope to establish a connection between the furry/kemono fans and our host, Toyohashi City, by showing our gratitude to their endeavors to host, preserve, and educate the public about animals and plants.

All money earned from the raffle tickets, and part of registration fees will be donated to the charity. We are proud that this shared circle of friendships continues to expand with your support!

Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park

Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park is a prominent multi-complex facility located within Toyohashi City. It consists of four sections: a zoo, a botanical garden, an amusement park, and a natural museum. Currently Toyohashi Zoo rears lions, polar bears, penguins, chimpanzees, and other animals.

On April 2017, the zoo became a hot topic in Japan with its addition of servals, made popular from the hit game and anime “Kemono Friends”.

What Is Raffle?

This raffle is one way to collect money for the charity. Using the tickets given by donating, we’ll hold a drawing for each of the prizes we have offered.

For every 100 JPY donated, one ticket will be received. Please come out and show your support for the Toyohashi Zoo!

Handling a Raffle Ticket


JMoF Official Store, 1F Holiday Hall Lobby


  • January 6th (Fri./Day 2), 2023, 12:00 – 20:00
  • January 7th (Sat./Day 3), 2023, 10:00 – 20:00
  • January 8th (Sun./Day 4), 2023, 10:00 – 12:00

Price for Donation

100 JPY per ticket (no limit for ticket purchases)

Raffle Drawing


1F Holiday Hall A and B


January 8th (Sun./Day 4), 2023, 13:00 – 14:30

Note: The winning number will be announced then and there. In case of no show, we continue to draw raffles until the winner shows up. When we re-draw a new winning ticket, the old one will be expired.

How the Raffle Works

  1. Donate any amount at the official store. You will receive a ticket for each 100 JPY donated.
  2. The ticket will be printed your registration number and badge name (1st line). Confirm there is no misprint by checking your con-badge.

Note: If there is any misprint, please ask the staff at the official store.

  1. Put the ticket into the box of the prize you want to win. If you have more tickets, you can put them in as you wish.
  2. If your ticket is pulled at the drawing, you win! Whether you win or lose, remember that all your donations will go to help the preservation of and the education on animals.


Here are our wonderful raffle prizes from those who are supporting this charity.

(1) Mecha Neko-chan Head

Donated by lutamesta

Contents1 Fursuit Head
- Recommended for a head circumference of 60 ± 3 cm.
(The design allows for a head circumference of 55 to 65 cm, but a modification of the fixture inside the head may be necessary.)
- Equipped with electronic eyes using RGB matrix LEDs.
Blinks automatically.
Eye expressions can be switched with the included wired controller.
(4 eye directions (up, down, left, right) and 8 eye patterns can be set.)- Equipped with a fan to prevent the visor from fogging up.
- Instruction manual included.

(2) Original Mikaitakuchi-Zeroku Fursuit Head

Donated by Mikaitakuchi-Zeroku Aiken

- 1 fursuit head
- Full suit design sheet (paper & PNG format)
- Instruction sheet on how to wear and maintain the fursuit (paper & PNG format)
- First priority right for full suit production (valid until December 31, 2023)
Note: The production of the full suit is not included in this prize.
- Head circumference: approx. 60 cm
- Length from the top of the head to the chin: available up to approx. 25 cm
- Movable jaw
- The eyes are made of mesh material, which is breathable, fog-free and recommended for fursuiting beginners.

(3) Fursuit Head“Chashibuki (茶飛沫)

Donated by Fancy Fur Pierrot

- 1 fursuit head
- 1 pair of hand paws (free size)
Name: Chashibuki (茶飛沫)
Species: Raccoon dog (tanuki)
Gender: Female

(4) Original Large Beast Colored Art

Donated by Nato Takatsuki

Contents1 original colored art
SpecificationsPaper Size 242 x 273 mm

(5) Die-cut Cushion UMA

Donated by Nato Takatsuki

Contents1 die-cut cushion (HORSE design)
SpecificationsAbout 40 x 65 cm in size.

(6) “Diner ‘D・Y・N・C’”

Donated by Satomi

Contents1 acrylic diorama stand set
- Size when fully assembled: 163 x 86 mm
- Figure size: 60 x 79 mm x 3 pieces
- Wall panel: 86 x 89 mm x 2 pieces
- Back panel: 163 x 89 mm x 1 piece
- Floor panel: 157 x 86 mm x 1 piece

(7) BACK TO THE JMoF 2023 Memorial Acrylic Stand

Donated by Moeta Inumimi

Contents1 acrylic stand

(8) JMoF 2023 Jigsaw Puzzle

Donated by Ingi

Contents1 Jigsaw Puzzle Set
SpecificationsA4 size

(9) Original Art for JMoF 2023

Donated by Akira Himekawa

(10) Infurnity 2022 Con T-shirt

Donated by Infurnity

SizesS, M, L, and XL are available

(11) Merchandise Set for ThaiTails 2023 (Super Sponsor Package)

Donated by ThaiTails

ContentsTote bag, T-Shirt (L-size), lanyard, mug cup