Guest of Honor


Ryota Murayama (村山 竜大)

This time at JMoF, we’ve invited Ryota Murayama as the Guest of Honor and will put on a talk show.

Ryota Murayama is a freelance illustrator active in the digital and card game industries. He has contributed to well-known titles such as Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin and the Pokémon Trading Card Game, handling numerous character designs and illustrations. His delicate use of colors to create soft illustrations has captivated not just kemono fans, but also a wide range of game players.

Kemono culture has evolved from its inception through diverse forms of expression such as illustrations, literature, and music; recently, though, it seems that we’re seeing more kemono representation in interactive mediums like video games. Today, video games can depict vast worlds that seem to encompass the entire flow of time – past, present, and future. From these games, the experiences players gain have become increasingly rich. It can be said that these kinds of games are breathing fresh life into kemono culture; however, the larger the game’s world, the harder it is for players to comprehend it at first glance. For this reason, the ability to effectively communicate that worldview in a single illustration is a highly sought-after skill. Murayama’s illustrations, which help evoke emotions and scenes that aren’t even explicitly depicted, are brilliantly shining in the game industry.

In this talk show, we focus on how he started to create kemono illustrations, how he got involved in the game industry, and more things that cannot be known only from his illustrations. Please come and join us for this rare opportunity to hear his valuable stories!

Event Outline

  • Date: January 6th (Sat./Day 2), 2024, 16:30 - 17:30
  • Place: 1F Holiday Hall A & B

Digital Illustration, “the Four Wise Men”, “Potion Lab” ©️ Ryota Murayama

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