What is JMoF?

The JMoF Executive Committee is an organization operating a convention and media related to anthropomorphic animals -- kemono (furry).

Japan Meeting of Furries (JMoF) was first held in 2013 in Shiga prefecture’s Hikone City, as Japan’s first kemono convention. After that, the venue moved to Aichi prefecture’s Toyohashi City. In 2020, it welcomed 1,372 attendees and has grown to a scale that has people from inside and outside Japan gathering to it.

However, due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), events worldwide were forced to be postponed or canceled, and JMoF 2021 was no exception as what would have been the first 4-day convention for JMoF was canceled.

While the overall situation of the pandemic continued to take turns in getting better and getting worse again, guidelines for infection prevention measures were developed everywhere, and organizers have experienced a lot and shared how to run their events putting the guidelines into place. In accordance with the guidelines, JMoF 2022 was held with a capped number of participants. Even though the event duration was shortened to two days, and various other measures were taken, 556 attendees gathered in Toyohashi.

We find commonality and empathy through communication and self-expression involving kemono. Through this sense, the kemono culture has diversified and developed. This sense isn’t limited to Japan, but also shared in the furry fandom, the closely related culture of the overseas, which gave us opportunities to learn more about foreign cultures as well. And through conventions, we have made a bond with the local community. By helping the locals to understand what the kemono culture is, we have created a place of our own and gained a sense of peace of mind, which we did not have before.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus has not only deprived us of our convention venues, but also the comfortable feeling of being among friends, a place where we have made precious memories, and of the opportunity to encounter exciting new creations. However, it’s time for us to finally look forward and realize that the deprivation isn’t going to last forever.

By the time JMoF 2023 is held, three years will have passed since the outbreak of the new coronavirus. During this time, we have gained knowledge about infectious diseases, implemented measures to prevent infection, got vaccinated and learned how to carefully evaluate new information.

We are now able to constructively reform the way our convention was held and combat the risk of infectious diseases, while reclaiming the place we had to leave behind.

If the JMoF convention could be regarded as a way to start looking forward to the future, we would be happy. We hope to create a world where what lies ahead is a bright road that we can proudly walk as members of the kemono community.

As a final note, we would like to underline the three concepts that JMoF has valued highly since its foundation:“To Make People Smile”, “To Cultivate”and “To Establish”kemono culture. Through smiles and laughter we nurture the present, we recount the past, and we work towards a future that’s overflowing with potential: this is our philosophy.

Anyone is welcome at JMoF, as long as they have an interest in Kemono. We’re looking forward to seeing you all here at JMoF.

Satomi, JMoF Executive Committee Chairperson

The JMoF Executive Committee is currently engaged in the following activities in order to realize our 3 missions: developing the kemono (furry) culture, providing a platform for communication between Japan and overseas, and creating a link between the kemono culture and the outside of the fandom.

Japan Meeting of Furries (JMoF)

JMoF is a kemono-focused fan convention (an event where various kinds of projects are held at the same time for several days). It is a place where people in Japan and all over the world who are interested in or enthusiastic about kemono can meet and interact with each other. The first convention was held in Hikone, Shiga prefecture, and the second and subsequent conventions have been held in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture.

We hope that various cultures will mix and blend through all kinds of activities, such as art, fursuits, music, dramas, performance, and literature, and that all of this will spread the joy of making new encounters. We also contribute to local communities through charities and cooperation with local businesses, as well as providing opportunities to interact with the locals.

Next Convention

JMoF 2023 - Back to the JMoF: January 5th (Thu.) - January 8th (Sun.), 2023
Loisir Hotel Toyohashi (Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture)


VR JMoF is an online convention held in a place known as VR (Virtual Reality). Since it was held as an event in JMoF 2020 for the first time, we have continued holding it on VR platforms. By providing a venue for cultural exchange through kemono on VR, which is still a relatively new platform for digital creation and communication, we aim to eventually contribute to the development of the 3DCG/ICT field and its peripheral fields.

Next Convention

VR JMoF 2023: January 5th (Thu.) - January 8th (Sun.), 2023
VRChat, NeosVR (Online)

JMoF Channel

JMoF Channel is where JMoF staff members provide you with“casual media” such as information through blogs and YouTube videos. Here we upload blog columns that touch on the various topics of Kemono culture, or introduce smaller social media projects. (None of them contain essential info required to attend JMoF conventions!). We hope you enjoy the slightly serious but mostly unserious content on this page.