JMoF 2024 Dance Competition

At JMoF 2024, the "Dance Competition" will be held again after 4 years. With a new free participation style, unleash your dance to the world! Let's all dance together, have fun, and share an amazing time!

What Is the Dance Competition?

The Dance Competition is an event where one competes for the most appealing dancer with their improvized dance. The participants show off their original dance by dancing to the music prepared by the DJ, which will be core street dance genres.

Each dancer has 45 seconds for one dance. It's a special battle that's judging both your enthusiasm and creativity. The dancer that left the biggest impression with their dance after 40 minutes will be the winner.

Whether you've never participated before or are quite experienced, come and show off your dance with all your spirit!

The DJ will be SORAMI. They'll play a wide variety of genres such as Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, and Break Beats. Come and have a listen!

Participation Style

The Dance Competition is a free participation style. No advance registration is necessary, and everyone who wishes to participate will be able to show off their dance. Age, experience, and skill level do not matter. Anyone who likes to dance is welcome to participate.

With your unique style, let's have a wonderful time together with the audience.

Event Outline

Date and Time

January 6th (Sat./Day 2), 2024, 13:00 - 14:30


1F Holiday Hall C


  • If you are participating, please do the necessary exercising and stretching ahead of time to help prevent any injuries from arising during the event.
  • For those who are wearing a fursuit, it is alright to rest while headless (the fursuit head taken off) as necessary.
  • The plan is to have a maximum of 40 minutes battle time, but it may end earlier based on how fast things progress during the event.
  • In the dance battle as well, please avoid any actions that are lacking in manners or respect for other dancers and the audience.
  • The rules on bring in food and drinks is the same as the Changing Rooms (only drinks with lids on them may be brought in and drinked). Please hydrate as needed and prevent dehydration.
  • We'll have a commemorative photograph taken after the battle ends. Please follow the staff's instructions when it's time to take the photo.